About the disease

What are the symptoms of the disease? 

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis can affect the skin under the armpits, palm skin, soles or facial skin. Sometimes sweating is so strong that the journey literally drips off from the skin and wets off clothes. 

Why is the disease formed?

Sweating is a normal process by which our body cools. When the body temperature rises, the nervous system stimulates the sweat glands to eliminate sweat. In case of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis, the nervous system is too active and it stimulates sweating to eliminate sweat even when there is no rise in body temperature. A stressful situation is already enough and patients begin to sweat. Primary hyperhidrosis is characterized by the fact that patients are swallowed during the day they are awake. Secondary hyperhidrosis is also known in which sweating occurs due to associated diseases and conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disease, menopause, some types of cancers, and others. 

How do we treat the disease?

Antiperspirants containing aluminum chloride are of great help. In our outpatient clinic, the disease is eliminated by the use of a botox which inhibits the communication between the nervous endings and the sweat and thus stops sweating. By injection, botox is injected into the skin under the armpits. Botox works 6-12 months, then the therapy should be repeated.